Leveraging Technology to Increase Students’
Critical-Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity Skills

Presenters: Stephanie Smith Budhai, PhD. and Laura McLaughlin Taddei, EdD.
High Schools That Work Conference, July 15, 2016, Louisville, Kentucky

Session Abstract:
This session focuses on technology use to guide students toward critical-thinking, building interpersonal communication, effectively working with teams, and creating and innovating products. Participants will explore ways to prepare students for these 21st century skills while transforming learning experiences by substituting, augmenting, modifying, and redefining technology use in the classroom.

Session Outcomes:
  • Share and explore ways to prepare students for 21st century skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity)
  • Discuss and explore ways to teach 21st century skills while transforming learning experiences by substituting, augmenting, modifying, and redefining technology use in the classroom.
  • Using the SAMR model and the Partnership for 21st century learning framework, examples will be discussed and provided to take learning to the next level with the use of technology.

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Presenter Contact Information:

Stephanie Smith Budhai, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Director, Graduate Education Email: budhais@neumann.edu Phone: 610-358-4249
Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D., Associate Professor Email: taddeiL@neumann.edu Phone: 610-513-6144
Neumann University, Aston, PA.